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Please use an abundance of caution when placing your specialneeds pets.  Do not rely on personal impression, not even on "vet checks".   If at all possible visit the potential adopter in person or have a trustworthy person do same. You are the only person to protect your pet from falling into the hands of a "con". TRUST BUT VERIFY .




Cypress, Texas
y name is Jaqueline and I found a stray cat around my neighborhood about two months ago. She had a bleeding paw and I felt bad for her, so I decided to take her into my home and take her to the veterinarian. The Veterinarian told me that she has FIV and that she recommended me to not put her to sleep because she is still healthy. I decided to keep her until her paw had healed, so then I could take her to CAP. I tried to take her to CAP last week but they told me that they could not take her in due to her disease. I can not keep her for much longer because I have a dog that does not get along with cats, and the cat is super sweet and loves to be with people. I have to keep her in isolated from everyone because of my dog. I do not have time to give her the love and attention that she deserves. I have given her her rabies shot and have taken her to the vet, I also ask for her records. I would love to jeep her because she is a very sweet cat but I can not keep her due to time and because of my dog. Please help me to find her a home, if I don't find a home this week I will be force to put her to sleep. Sincerely, Jaqueline Ramirez jamira1825@yahoo.com P.S. She is already spayed.

I am located in south jersey and am desperately searching for a home for 2 eight week old feline pos kittens (double confirmed). They were found 2 weeks ago without their mother. 
They are brother and sister, extremely playful, and affectionate. They are litter trained, have great appetites, and I'd be happy to send them with some food and a carrier. 
We have another cat (8 yrs old: fel leuk neg) and don't want to infect her or risk her health with the immunization. 
My vet said to euthanize before we get attached or they get sick!! What?! We've been attached since day one but can't keep them cooped up in a little room forever. 
The boy is gray and white with a white diamond shape on his chest and the girl is black with white paws and a Marilyn Monroe "beauty mark". So sweet and adorable. 
We named them Tyson and Dahlia but I'm sure they wouldn't mind if their names were changed! Please help!
Kim Williams


I adopted an FeLV/FIV kitty last week with the promise of a home.  Unfortunately, that person backed out. So, hes in my house now and I have a houseful.  His name is Sootise, guessing hes about 4-5 years old.  Hes a gorgeous black kitty, friendly, sweet all of the good things.  I just cant keep him.

Any suggestions?  I can work on transport for him, I just want him to have a home for whatever time he has left.

sent 5/13   maryanne.m.sims@jpmchase.com


I have eleven rescue cats. Two of them were in isolation because I did not want to put them in my general population until they were tested. Well, to my great dismay, one of them tested positive for feline leukemia. My vet agrees I cannot keep him because it would put the other ten in danger.

Benny Boots is a tuxedo male approximately one year old. He is quiet and sweet without an aggressive bone in his body. When he feels safe he is very playful and he likes toys. It is impossible not to love him.
I am heartbroken that I cannot keep him but I want to find him another forever home where he will be safe and loved.
I have had cats all my life and I can honestly say I've never had a sweeter boy.
He has ear mites which I am treating and has been vaccinated. No fleas or worms or other problems. He is asymptomatic. He is an intact male but I will get him neutered. The vet says he is about one year old and has a good, strong heart.
I have ten others who do not have leukemia. The situation is killing me.
Thank you for any help you can give me. 
Barb Roberts Barbear28@aol.com


Peter is in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  He is a large male cat that is FIV positive.  He literally walked in my house looking for a meal.  He is neutered, healthy and current with his vaccinations.  He is about a year old.  He is super friendly and playful.  Peter loves to eat, play and cuddle.  He uses his scratching post and has great litter box manners.  I am unable to keep him.  He is such a great cat and he deserves a forever home.  He must be an indoor cat only.  He would do well in a home with a dog or with other FIV postive cats.  If you can make room in your home and heart please email me at lynnbiella@gmail.com or call me at 860-841-7797.  Thank you.  Lynn


I am with a shelter in Noblesville, IN and we currently have a kitty named Sally in urgent need of placement.  Sally is an approximately 4 year old tortie that came to us as a stray in February.  During her intake exam Sally tested positive for feline leukemia and our medical team observed that she was also pregnant.  Sally is such a sweet cat and with her being pregnant there was no doubt that we were going to try to place her, although our shelter does not adopt out felv+ cats.  Once her stray holding period was up we sent Sally to a foster home so that she could have her babies and raise them without the stress of shelter life.  On March 8th we got a call from Sally's foster mom that Sally had aborted her kittens, ending the pregnancy too early for any of them to survive.  To reduce any chances of Sally developing pyometra we had her spayed a few days later, at that point the foster mom said that she was no longer able to keep Sally because she couldn't keep her separated from her other cats.  Sally has been at the shelter ever since and has remained asymptomatic.  Our shelter does not euthanize for time or space, we will place FIV cats but we do not adopt out felv due to the fact that we house our cats in community cages and we don't see a lot of felv+ cats.  Since Sally's return to the shelter she has been in our stray holding room waiting for us to find a rescue opportunity for her but we have not been able to have any luck.  With kitten season upon us and the influx in cats/kittens that go with it we simply do not have the resources to hold on to an "unadoptable" cat.  I have been given the task of finding a place for Sally to go by the end of the month or we will have to euthanize her.  Is there any way that you can help us find placement for Sally? Transport can be arranged for her.  Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer. 
Katie Trennepohl  Director of Operations  Humane Society for Hamilton County
1721 Pleasant St. Suite B  Phone 317-674-0627  Fax 317-773-2131  www.HamiltonHumane.com



Enlarge Photo

Enlarge Photo


Both of these cats  are located at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Mount Sterling, KY.  
They were tagged for rescue but were refused after testing positive for Feline HIV.  
They both have sponsorship and need rescue ASAP!  
If you are able to help or know of someone who maybe able to help, please contact Elaine Fueniss at 859-293-9397 or cafuerniss@hotmail.com.
Thank you for any help and God bless!   Twila Griffis   PHONE: 859-227-5699   EMAIL: twilagriffis@gmail.com




"Tuffy" is a special needs kitty looking for a permanent home.  He was found abandoned at a rental home, and has tested positive for feline leukemia.  Tuffy is a great cat that LOVES attention.  He will follow you around from room to room and will sit on your lap and want to be petted.  He has a great personality and is always in a good mood.  He is a trooper that has been through a lot of neglect in his life, but he is on a good path now and needs a loving home.  I am willing to cover future medical costs, including neutering and vaccinations.  We are in Houston, TX.  Contact Alison: alison@agproperties.net.



I would like to list my cat on your website for adoption.  he is FIV+. he is apx. 5yrs old, neutered male, solid black in color & a big boy at 16#.
i do not have the right equipment to send a photo.  i live in the greater Phoenix, Az  area & can be contacted by e-mail @ s_stelmach@yahoo.com
i cannot keep him due to multiple cats in the family & limited room to keep him separated. he must be an indoor only cat & go to a home with no other cats, or perhaps another FIV +
cat. he gets along with nice dogs & nice cats that will not fight.




I have a one-year-old female tabby, grey/black with a little caramel under the chest and undertones of caramel. She is a doll.  But she has tested positive for feline leukemia.  She has stabilized and the vet says she can live for years possibly and stay healthy but needs to be kept away from my other 2 cats.  This has been a difficult situation.  I am attempting to find a special home for her. She is a very playful cat and full of lots of energy.  She's got a cute face and big eyes.  She likes to be picked up and held and at night sits next to us whenever we are in the room with her.  She is neutered and has been vaccinated against rabies and distemper.  Her vets are Drs. DeBaeck and Lynch at Country Animal clinic in englishtown, NJ.  Rather than have her put down to sleep, I am attempting to find a home for her.  So, i am reaching out to different places for help.  Please let me know what I need to do or contact me and let me know if you can help.  I appreciate your assistance.  I can give further info if needed.  i am attaching 2 pictures of her.  Thanks, Dotty   Home phone 732 780 5530.  Cell phone 732 610 2098.  venus7orange@yahoo.com


I do TNR and discovered a tame unneutered male cat following me who was extremely friendly. I put him in a crate and had him fixed and ear notched since I was going to release him back where he was being fed by the feral cat feeder. However, he tested FIV positive twice and so I'm looking for a foster or permanent home for him. His name is Billy Bob and he's the most most sweet and loving kitty. He's an orange tabby with a very large head and short legs. Billy Bob loves to be petted and to rub his head on you. He's very mellow and seems to do well around other animals when introduced by a person. He deserves a safe and loving home to live out his life and would be a great companion for someone, especially a senior with a slower lifestyle; although, he would do great with kids as well. He's very tolerant. I think Billy Bob is about five years old and nine pounds. Everyone falls in love with him when they meet him and he would be a great friend for someone. I live in San Jose, CA. If you would like to meet Billy Bob, please email me at bju67@verizon.net.


Looking for foster home for FeLV+ female Siamix from NC; utd on FVRCP and rabies; tested with Snapp test and confirmed with IFA; 2-3 years old; willing to swap for FeLV- foster.  Beautiful girl with great personality.  If you can help or know of a rescue that has a spot for her, please let us know.  She is asymptomatic now and a great cat.

Sharon   sjohnson@iislaw.com  Greensboro, NC 27402    Telephone: 336.275.7626, Extension 18



Mary - please click here for her web page





This Beautiful, fluffy, medium-hair dilute calico cat was abandoned on a cement slab, in a very rough part of San Francisco, with big rigs roaring by 24/7. When we picked her up, we found that this precious girl had not only been dumped there, she had been declawed! This was particularly cruel, as she was unable to defend herself out of doors. She was obviously a domesticated cat, as she loved petting, combing and being touched. We swooped her up and took her in for a complete check-up, with a $300 battery of blood tests, and a $300 Xray (clear.) She was found to be negative for FIV, but positive for Felv - Feline Leukemia by ELISA testing. A recent IFA test for Felv was negative! This is an excellent sign, as it is shows she was exposed to Felv, but may still fight it off. She should be retested in 6 months, as per the vet. She seems very well, quiet but curious, loves to chase a soft wand toy, and eats with appetite. She has perfect litter box manners. She is a quiet, affectionate, gentle, girl, who seems to love petting and brushing, but she will let you know when she's had enough. This is a typical reaction of declawed cats, who will always know they cannot defend themselves like other cats can. 

Since we have other cats, all Felv negative, we need to find this gentle soul a permanent, forever home as an only kitty. Please contact me for more details. An adoption fee/agreement in place to protect this lovely girl. Princess is waiting for your love and protection for the rest of her life. An extra nice cat for an extra nice person! 
Barbara Jaffe barbjaff@yahoo.com