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Please use an abundance of caution when placing your specialneeds pets.  Do not rely on personal impression, not even on "vet checks".   If at all possible visit the potential adopter in person or have a trustworthy person do same. You are the only person to protect your pet from falling into the hands of a "con". TRUST BUT VERIFY

I have asked at least 15 rescues to help this poor girl.  Sophie, she is only 2 years old and she does not know how to handle her disability. We do not have the means here with us and a proper foster who will even take a risk. She is such a sweet girl, but if you approach her wrong she has fear aggression. They say she is an all white dogo but I am not sure exactly all I know if I am getting so frustrated that o one wants to save her and we are all in rescue. Yes, I am in a rescue as well but we dont have the means to help her which is why I am trying go hard to get her help. I am afraid that since no one does this two year old will be dropped off at an animal control by the foster now who wanted her out Sunday. She is good with Male pup she was raised with other dogs as well as children. This is another reason why she has full potential she just needs help as wished never had a home or stability so she is always on the fear side.  Please can you help I have two days two days. This is killing me and breaking my heart is 2 half's. She is spayed.

Hi, I was previously involved with a NJ rescue and am contacting you about one of the dogs still in their care. The dog has been in foster for almost 2 years now and has had a few potential adopters but due to her special needs she is still in need of a home. Her current foster's work and living situation has changed making it very difficult for her to continue giving Teena a good quality of life. 

I'm reaching out to your rescue in hopes that you could potentially take Teena in and be more successful than we have been at managing and caring for her, and possibly adopting her out. If you cannot, please let me know who else I might be able to contact. At this point if we can't get Teena into a better situation, we have to consider putting her to sleep out of fairness to both her and her foster mom Dawn who is copied on this email. We are more than happy to help with transport and of course include her supplies. She has a wheelchair that was made custom for her from K9 Carts.

Below is her adoption profile with pictures and video. Additional info and pictures/videos can be provided at any time.

Emily Richardson 609-560-1126