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Please use an abundance of caution when placing your specialneeds pets.  Do not rely on personal impression, not even on "vet checks".   If at all possible visit the potential adopter in person or have a trustworthy person do so. You are the only person to protect your pet from falling into the hands of a "con". - TRUST BUT VERIFY  -

Why a special site for handicapped pets? Not to pull heartstring, but to feature pets who in spite of their handicap  survived and are enjoying their life (with human help). They are often lost among the many adoptable healthy ones and need a little more exposure and focused attention to find their matching owners.  Remember, there is an owner for every pet in need of an owner,  and there is a pet for everyone who needs a pet.  It is just a matter of finding each other in time!  In addition to physical handicaps please also consider listing pets with emotional problems due to trauma, abuse, lack of socialization with humans. 
Please submit requests for listing by email  We  will list for a year unless renewed or cancelled. When requesting removal of the listing, please mention whether it's a dog, a cat, a FELV/FIV or none of these so we don't have to search all of the pages.   Photos are welcome.   Please submit simple text and separate photos.


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